remarkable long lasting entrepreneurial history of our land


Coalma is the brand dedicated to the fish products; Adamo is dedicated to legumes and dried fruit, finally Raspante & Raspante is the brand dedicated to the food preserves. With these brands, not only does the company produce quality food chosen by generations of consumers, but it also shows its intense love for healthy gastronomic traditions rooted in our land, in full respect of the natural characteristics of all fishing or agricultural areas.




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Macaluso is a remarkable company heir to a long lasting entrepreneurial history of our land. Founded from a great Sicilian business, that of the Macaluso family set up in Palermo in 1920 and developed into the brand Coalma in 1967. The company has been committed exclusively to seafood and in particular to canned oily fish and Mediterranean tuna.

Macaluso is today an outstanding company founded on a clear ambition: to be a symbol of quality fish and food in Sicily. Over these years, we have made new and successful entrepreneurial strategies without forgetting our ancient values. We keep our promise, which is the same that Macaluso family made with its consumers 100 years ago: “Guarantee a unique, unforgettable, tasty experience that might reoccur if you only choose again our products”.

Sostenibilità Coalma


The safeguard of the fish and farm resources has always been our focus in the selection of the raw materials in order to guarantee quality and unique taste typical of our products.

We offer historical brands, which stands out for uniqueness and diversity. Each brand offers to the consumer the added value of certified high quality products.

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